8th Annual OD Conference 2018

Our 8th Annual OD Conference will be held in Kingston Jamaica, at  –  The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, (5 star rated). The theme of this conference is:

OD Impacting Our World“Triple Bottom Line – Purpose, People, and Planet”

During this 3-day event, world renown OD experts will present on three main topics that are important to OD Professionals and organizations now and in the future. On Day 1, participants will gain insight into what OD’s purpose is and how it benefits organizations to great sustainable cultures through organization leadership and competencies. On Day 2, participants will gain additional tools and skills to learn how to make a greater impact as an OD professional helping people and the planet achieve success through OD, and on Day 3,  there will be a full day workshop to learn how to apply Dialogic OD into the practice of OD as a Professional.

Our OD Conference is a collaboration with CARI-CODE, Institute of OD, and the Global IOD Network, which is a new OD membership organization. You will meet and network with OD professionals around the world, and learn from OD experts, and network with colleagues to share your expertise.

Overall, last years conference was an immense success, a wonderful networking and learning opportunity for everyone involved.  “It is always a pleasure to experience something like this, with professionals from all levels in OD, coming together to share their knowledge and willingness to learn more.  It really goes to show the importance of OD throughout every culture, worldwide.” Dr. Nancy Zentis, CEO of IOD, reflecting on the last day of the 2017 conference.

IOD was established by Dr. Nancy Zentis in 2002, and provides top educational services and consulting in the field of OD.  IOD is dedicated to growing the field of Organization Development, by developing OD Professionals who will help organizations implement change using a systemic approach.  IOD’s vision is to support the professional growth of those interested in becoming OD professionals.  With over twenty years in the field, IOD is a leader in education regarding OD tools, processes, and applications for change.  Through their globally-recognized, award-winning, online certification programs, IOD continues it’s mission to provide participants with opportunities to excel in their role as OD professionals from anywhere in the world.

Date: June 20-22th

International Rate – $895.00,

GIODN Membership Rate $795.00,

Early registration rate: International $695.00,  Members – $ 595.00

HRCI Credits: 18 credits

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