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August 4, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EDT

Nice Girls Don’t Speak Up or Stand Out with Dr. Lois Frankel

VP Thoughts – Managing uncertainty

  One thing we’ve learned from the COVID19 pandemic is the only certain thing is change. We are weathering uncertainty in the work place, in the market, and in public and social protocol. Business leaders and experts are looking at uncertainty fatigue and its relationship to burnout. Not being able to reasonably predict what will […]

OD professionals drive change management

Something heard over and over in organization development is how many people are doing it without fully knowing they are doing it. Often, people enter from related fields, such as HR, or simply find themselves to be the go-to problem solver in their organization. It’s great to get recognized as organization development professional and even […]

OD Leads the Way for Ethical Businesses

OD professionals serve important roles in their company and for their clients. They drive change and support the human side of growth and development. Importantly, OD professionals must adhere to a code of ethics. The Institute of Organization Development (IOD) has identified 5 areas of ethical behavior for OD professional. Responsibility to self Responsibility to […]