The Institute of Organization Development is proud to offer the Global Institute of Organization Development Network (GIODN) to provide opportunities to network, learn and share for all those who are passionate about Organization Development. The Global IOD Network (GIODN) is Global OD Membership Network as it brings together people from across the globe to network, learn and share about Organization Development.

The Vision of the Global IOD Network (GIODN) is to nurture a global network of OD Professionals to share OD Practices and Tools to support Organization and Leadership Effectiveness. The Mission of the IOD Global Network is to promote the field of OD through networking, education and collaboration.

Membership Benefits

The Global IOD Network (GIODN) offers a range of membership benefits which are focused on creating opportunities for continuous learning, meeting OD Professionals and Leaders in the Industry, to build the OD Knowledge, access to OD Material, monthly newsletters, access to the membership directory, and more!

  • Free Events – special speakers!
  • Blog Articles
  • Online OD Toolkit
  • Professional Directory Listing
  • Global Networking Opportunities

Membership- $90 per year
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Executive Board

Nancy Zentis

Nancy Zentis, PhD, ODCC

Dr. Nancy Zentis is the founder and CEO of Institute of Organizational Development, offering OD Certification Programs in Organization Development, Leadership Development, Talent Management, and Executive Coaching. As a Global leader in the field of OD, Nancy is well-recognized for her accomplishments in the field of OD for over 30 years. Nancy holds a Ph.D. in Organization Development from Capella University, a Masters in Human Resource Development and Business Management from Central Michigan. She is a Member of International Coaching Federation, and certified as an Action Learning Coach, Denison 360, 20/20 Insight 360, DISC, Myers Briggs, and Emotional Intelligence.

Patricia Dammann, MS, ODCC

Patricia Dammann, MS, ODCC

Patricia (Patti) Dammann,MBA, MSHR, RN, is the VP of Programs and Operations for IOD, has over 20 years of experience in OD and HR, working with individuals, management and teams to facilitate change and individual and organizational growth. She has worked with a variety of industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, transportation, manufacturing, government, engineering, information technology. Patricia holds a Masters of Science in Human Resources and a Masters of Business Administration from the Florida Institute of Technology; Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. She is a Certified Professional Facilitator and Assessor (International Association of Facilitators).

Cindy Banyai, Ph.D.

Dr. Cindy Banyai is the Vice President of Strategy and Operations at the Institute of Organization Development. She has worked in the field of organization development since 2006 as head of her own consulting firm specializing in evaluation and starting a nonprofit providing housing for homeless families. Dr. Banyai received her Master’s and Ph.D. from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan and her works have been published in peer-reviewed journals and she has edited and contributed to several books. She is also on faculty at Florida Gulf Coast University and received the Donald W. Littrell New Professional Award in 2015 from the Community Development Society and the 2018 Advocacy and Use Practice Award from the American Evaluation Association.

Instructional Designer:

Sarah Dunay-Sooker

Sarah Dunay-Sooker is an educator with over five years of experience as a team leader and mentor to both students and future educators. Sarah has conducted professional development workshops, created curriculum, and implemented best practice delivery strategies for a team of educators. As a mentor, she has helped educators and students reach their full potential by creating a data-driven approach for mentees and students to accomplish their goals. Currently, she is an instructional designer for the Institute of Organization Development where she creates online certification courses, videos, and on-demand workshops to meet the needs of corporate, not-for-profit, and educational clients. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education from the University of Florida.

Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu, Ph.D

Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu, Ph.D

Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu, Ph.D, is the President of CCOD, Africa. He is a Community and Organisation Development Specialist with emphasis in Community Medicine, Organisational Development and Appreciative Leadership (A New Emerging Field). Gabriel has over 17 years of practice and has made significant contribution to the field of Organisation Development (OD), Appreciative Leadership Model (ALM) and as well as Organisational Retreat Model (GAB’s Retreat Model); a therapeutic model for people and system transformation. He made major contributions to Effectiveness of workplaces in Organisations in Africa especially in Civil Society (NGOs) and Private sector development. He has consulted to and worked with over 250 non-profit organizations in Africa, 155 Small and Medium-size private businesses and, have provided development services to over 40 Municipals/ Districts Assemblies in Ghana. Gabriel has also specialized in OD curriculum development and, the first African scholar to produce a Bachelor Degree in Organisational Development (BSc OD).