5 Organization Development (OD) concepts that will always be relevant with Chris Crosby

GIODN welcomed Chris Crosby in October 2022 as the facilitator for this interactive OD event. The field of Organization Development (OD), like other aspects of our culture, often loses its center by searching for the next best thing and fearing what the future will hold. Unfortunately, some OD professionals embrace that un-differentiated way of thinking which in many ways mirrors our throwaway society. The good news is that the foundations of OD are solid even if they are unknown to many or some OD practitioners. In this short lecture Chris Crosby will illuminate 5 core OD principles that are relevant today and always will be. Join us as we reflect on what makes our field so important and attempt to illuminate foundational OD principles.

In this presentation you will learn:
5 principles of OD that will always be relevant
The foundational ground from which all OD was birthed Insights into why OD will always be critical


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