Regenerative Leadership: The Unique Calling of our Times with Arielle Sullivan

GIODN was pleased to host this interactive session featuring second generation OD practitioner Arielle Sullivan in April 2022. The traditional hierarchical, mechanistic model of organizations is failing us, our communities, and our planet. We are becoming more aware of the complexity of living systems, which require upgraded change tools to create conditions for systemic transformation. We are uniquely positioned at this moment in history to begin the re-design of systems and structures for a more regenerative world. Regenerative thinking facilitates change at a quantum level and creates conditions for systemic abundance and resilience, all while honoring the unique needs of its diverse stakeholders. Join us for an interactive introductory workshop on Regenerative leadership and learn how this philosophy can best serve you or your organization. Outcomes: – Learn the foundational principles of Regenerative Leadership including key competencies and frameworks – Practice applying a Regenerative Framework to a current business challenge – Reflect and discuss the implication of this work to your personal consulting or change practice


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