Social Ecology in Holistic Leadership – with Erik Lemcke

This is GIODN Book Club, “Social Ecology in Holistic Leadership – A Guide for Collaborative Organizational Development and Transformation” with author Erik Lemcke from October 6, 2021. Many managers, consultants, and facilitators have backgrounds in business administration trained in contemporary management methods focusing on decision-making and economic efficiency. The question is: Are these academic methods the best to further the development of society as well as organizations? An increasing numbers of people are looking for alternatives to traditional decision-making and management tools. They are looking for leadership methods based on dialog involving employees in the development process. People want methods that are more creative, methods that are more collaborative, more holistic methods. It is in this context that Social Ecology – the roots of which go back to the mid 1950s and developed over the next 60 years – is interesting. This book focuses on this and is written as one facilitator giving experiences and recommendations to another.


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