What is OD’s North Star? – It’s the Discovery and Design of Positive Institutions with David Cooperrider

In this special GIODN keynote, David Cooperrider, explores the proposition that the quest for a flourishing earth is the most significant organization development opportunity of the 21st century—and that when people in organizations work toward building a more flourishing world they too are poised to thrive in ways that ignite innovation, leadership development, and inspired workplace performance.  Put another way, being a great corporate citizen “out there” is not only about serving external stakeholders; it is fundamental to bringing out the best in people inside the firm. Sustainable innovation and human wellbeing elevate each other and thereby raises a far-reaching exploration: what is the link between advancing sustainability for a flourishing Earth, with the simultaneous flourishing of the human side and economic success of enterprise?  And how might the discovery and design of positive institutions shed light on this natural dynamic? How, precisely, might an organization’s quest to “do good and do well” bring out the best not just on the “outside”—helping to advance a better society or world—but also bring out the best on the “inside”— creating intrinsically inspired engagement; propelling supercooperation; and calling forth extraordinary levels of achievement?


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