GIODN Virtual Meeting – 5 Organization Development (OD) concepts that will always be relevant with Chris Crosby

GIODN is pleased to welcome Chris Crosby as the facilitator for this interactive OD event. The field of Organization Development (OD), like other aspects of our culture, often loses its center by searching for the next best thing and fearing what the future will hold. Unfortunately, some OD professionals embrace that un-differentiated way of thinking […]

GIODN Speaker – Transformational Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior with Ray Johnson

GIODN is pleased to welcome special speaker Ray Johnson. Ray will present an engaging and educational experience on Organizational Citizenship Behavior based on his 30 years of experience in starting, building, and growing private companies. Along with the latest research on organizational effectiveness, Ray will provide an inspiring introduction to Organizational Citizenship Behavior complete with […]

GIODN Speaker – Starting and Growing an Internal OD Department with Mike Gorritz

If your company has recently launched or is considering the launch of an internal organizational development program, then you'll want to attend this webinar. Mike Gorritz, ODCP, will share practical insight from his experience starting and growing an internal OD department for one of the fastest-growing companies in America. You will leave the webinar with […]

GIODN Virtual Meeting – Exploring Adaptive Organizational structures for our future workplaces with Kathy Homles

Join us for this interactive workshop for OD professionals! In this workshop we will explore the challenges of traditional organization structures and what types of opportunities an adaptive organizational structure may unlock for companies.  In this interactive workshop we will experiment with ways the traditional “bureaucratic ”lines within organizational hierarchies could be removed for more […]

GIODN Speaker – New Challenges in OD Today with Dr. Nancy Zentis

Join GIODN for our last Special Speaker of 2022! Dr. Nancy Zentis, founder of the Institute of Organization Development, will discuss the new challenges facing OD. She will call upon her five decades of experience in OD to analyze the trends in the field and provide food for thoughts for today's practitioners. This will be […]