GIODN Special Speaker – Leading in Disruptive Times with Andre Boykin

The current business environment has forced in a new era of leadership. In times past we
would think of great leadership as the ability to embrace and lead change. Now with the
advent of the coronavirus (COVID19) economy, a new type of leader is needed to produce
desired results.
This new leader must be able to lead amid disruption. Disruption is distinct from change in that
change usually represents the move to something different and is planned. Disruption, on the
other hand, is a dramatic interruption or breaking apart of the known process.
Thus, new ways of working and achieving results must be created and implemented quickly to
maintain business continuity.
This new masterclass explores what type of leader is needed to thrive in disruptive times.
• Developing the right mindset to lead in disruption
• Developing a creative versus reactive leadership style
• How to lead remote teams
• Understanding the framework for effective leadership

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