Director of Learning and Development


You’ll be the architect behind these afternoon adventures, where every workshop is a testament to Alpha’s high standards, pushing students to master complex life skills from financial literacy to intricate problem-solving. By emphasizing our distinctive Test2Pass philosophy, you’ll favor evidence-based achievements over conventional grading, making sure our students demonstrate mastery through tangible actions instead of merely ticking boxes.

You’ll guide our curriculum designers with an uncompromising eye for quality, setting the benchmarks for excellence. You’ll ensure the life skills curriculum scales seamlessly, aligning perfectly with our rigorous, hands-on teaching approach. The result? Up-to-date and deeply impactful learning, reflecting Alpha’s commitment to challenge and inspire at every turn.

If you’re passionate about molding the next generation, equipping them with skills that stretch beyond traditional academics, and believe in the power of experiential learning, then this role is crafted for you. Dare to make a change? Join us on this journey now!

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