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The Brooklyn Museum is a world-renowned cultural institution dedicated to preserving and showcasing art, history, and heritage. Our mission is to create inspiring encounters with art that expand the ways we see ourselves, the world, and its possibilities. Our vision is to serve as an institution where great art and courageous conversations are catalysts for a more connected, civic, and empathetic world. Celebrating our differences and learning about our diverse communities through our collections, exhibitions, and programming is the core of who we are and what we do.

We are committed to creating and cultivating a diverse community of talented, passionate people who are inspired to make the Museum an important hub of community activity and a great global destination. Our staff have the opportunity to grow their professional skills and work collaboratively with colleagues they admire and respect.

About The Role

As the Chief People Officer of the Brooklyn Museum, you will play a key role in shaping the Museum’s workforce, fostering a culture of inclusion, belonging, creativity, accountability, and excellence, and contributing to the institution’s ongoing success in and impact on the world. Reporting to the President & COO, you will help lead the cultural shifts necessary to align the workforce with the Museum’s mission of celebrating our differences and learning about and embracing our diverse communities through our collections, exhibitions, and programming.


Strategic leadership:

  • Develop and execute the Museum’s people strategy, ensuring it is aligned with our mission and vision
  • Serve as a key member of the executive leadership team, providing human resource (HR)/people insights for organizational decisions
  • Work closely with the executive leadership team to ensure that HR/people strategies and decisions contribute to the Museum’s strategic goals and long-term success
  • Partner with the head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) in order to ensure that all people policies and culture initiatives support the Museum’s DEIA goals
  • Be a pivotal thought leader in addressing systemic inequalities among Museum workers, positioning the Museum as a pioneer in leading other institutions to make change
  • Act as a key stakeholder in the development of the Museum’s annual budget, representing all employee operating costs and employee, team, departmental, and organizational development costs

Talent recruitment and management:

  • Lead the Museum’s talent acquisition efforts, overseeing the recruitment and selection processes for a wide range of positions, from curators and educators to administrative staff and visitor services
  • Attract a diverse pool of top talent who share the Museum’s passion for art, history, education, and community engagement
  • Elevate the reputation of the Museum by fostering an image as an employer of choice for candidates interested in progressive values and working at an industry-defining museum
  • Develop and maintain a diverse and highly skilled workforce, creating a talent pipeline that ensures the Museum has access to the expertise and creativity needed to support its mission
  • Implement effective onboarding programs that reflect the Museum’s unique culture

Employee development and engagement:

  • Encourage a culture of learning and continuous improvement, creating and overseeing comprehensive professional development and training programs
  • Partner with the head of DEIA to promote a vibrant and engaged workplace culture that reflects the Museum’s commitment to art, history, education, and community engagement
  • Conduct quarterly employee engagement surveys that provide insight into the Museum’s work environment, leadership, employee satisfaction and health, departments, etc.

Performance management:

  • Establish agile performance management systems to assess and document employee and departmental performance and contributions
  • Establish feedback systems where employees receive continuous and actionable feedback that helps them develop in their role, remain engaged in their role and the Museum’s mission, and advance their careers where possible
  • Provide coaching, feedback, and support to employees and managers
  • Promote a results-driven and accountable work environment


  • Develop a comprehensive program in response to the Museum’s values and DEIA commitments (how we are to work and behave) and ensure that all employees understand and incorporate these values and commitments in their roles and daily behavior
  • Establish training programs to disseminate the values throughout the organization, fostering a positive and inclusive work culture that aligns with the Museum’s mission
  • Share survey results with the Museum on a quarterly basis and work with leadership to make improvements as necessary
  • Help craft and participate in monthly “all hands” meetings to enhance internal communication, and reinforce values and working norms
  • Ensure that the human resource systems and processes reinforce and contribute to the desired Museum culture

Employee relations and compliance:

  • Manage employee relations, addressing issues and conflicts in a fair and constructive manner
  • Promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility throughout the organization in coordination with the Museum’s head of DEIA
  • Ensure compliance with labor laws, regulations, and industry standards
  • Develop and update HR policies and procedures as needed and reflect those changes in the employee handbook
  • Handle legal and ethical HR matters with discretion and integrity
  • Manage all union relations and bargaining in partnership with the President & COO

HR operations:

  • Evaluate industry compensation practices and challenge the norms, while building a compensation strategy that is clear and equitable
  • Oversee employee recognition and reward programs that are consistent with the Museum’s values
  • Utilize HR systems and analytics to make data-driven decisions, optimize staffing, and improve HR processes
  • Monitor and report on HR metrics, identifying trends and areas for improvement
  • Collaborate with Finance to ensure compliance of people and compensation data with the Museum’s financial statements and tax and regulatory reporting
  • Ensure data security and accuracy within HR systems
  • Develop HR’s operating system to make sure that the HR team and its stakeholders meet with the necessary frequency (weekly, monthly, and quarterly) and utilize the appropriate data to make decisions
  • Conduct monthly and quarterly HR business reviews with the HR team


  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration, or related field (master’s degree preferred)
  • Extensive HR leadership experience in large, complex organizations; experience in cultural and nonprofit sectors desired
  • Strong knowledge of New York State and City, federal, and other labor laws and regulations relevant to the Museum, nonprofits, and unions
  • Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Be a strategic thinker with the ability to align HR strategies with the Museum’s mission
  • A proven track record of promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility
  • Experience in developing, utilizing, and managing HR technology and analytics tools
  • A passion for art, culture and education is a plus

Department: Human Resources

Reports to: President & COO

Position type: Full-time

To apply for this job please visit

To apply for this job please visit

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