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Mike G

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        First Name:Michael Last Name:Gorritz State:FL Country:United States
        Contact Info Phone Number:4073460386
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        Director of OD

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        List your Certifications:Organization Certification Program (ODCP)
        List Other Certifications:DDI Facilitation Certification Predictive Index Practitioner Certification EQ-i 2.0 Administrator Certification  
        List your years of experience in OD:5
        Skills and Knowledge:Conflict management,Hiring and staffing,Systems Thinking,Data Collection and Analysis,Designing Interventions,Equity and inclusion,Speaking and presenting,Process Improvement,Written communications,Coaching,Teambuilding,Facilitation Skills,Talent management,Change management,Feedback and Evaluation,Strategic planning,Action research,Instructional design,Knowledge management,Succession planning

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