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Dr. Nancy Zentis

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    First Name:Nancy Last Name:Zentis State:FL Country:United States
    Contact Info Phone Number:9543412522 Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:Nancy Zentis
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    Dr. Nancy Zentis is the founder and CEO of Institute of Organizational Development, offering OD Certification Programs in Organization Development, Leadership Development, Talent Management, and Executive Coaching. As a Global leader in the field of OD, Nancy is well-recognized for her accomplishments in the field of OD for over 30 years. Nancy holds a Ph.D. in Organization Development from Capella University, a Masters in Human Resource Development and Business Management from Central Michigan. She is a Member of International Coaching Federation, and certified as an Action Learning Coach, Denison 360, 20/20 Insight 360, DISC, Myers Briggs, and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Professional Experience

    List your Certifications:Organization Certification Program (ODCP),OD Process Professional Certification Program (ODPC),OD Certified Consultant (ODCC),Leadership Development Certification Program (LDCP),Executive Coaching Certification Program (ECCP),Talent Management Certification Program (TMCP),HR Business Partner Certification Program (HRBP)
    List Other Certifications:Certified as Action Learning Coach Myers Briggs ODCP ODCC
    List your years of experience in OD:35
    Professional Development Workshops:Creating and Implementing a Performance Strategy,Influencing and Senior Leader Buy-in,Consistent Employee Engagement,Creating a Workforce Planning Strategy,Implementing OD Facilitation Tools and Best Practices,Identifying and Developing Successors,How to Improve Your On-boarding Program
    Skills and Knowledge:Systems Thinking,Designing Interventions,Speaking and presenting,Process Improvement,Coaching,Teambuilding,Facilitation Skills,Talent management,Change management,Feedback and Evaluation,Action research,Appreciative inquiry,Succession planning

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