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The Global IOD Network (GIODN) provides members opportunities to grow professionally while networking with peers around the world. GIODN offers monthly online meetings, well-known experts presentations, and a regular book club to stay up to date in the field of OD.

Our new OD Directory recently launched to register your professional OD credentials and experience and take your career to the next level. Members are listed and featured in the GIODN directory.

Become a member of the Global IOD Network and begin your OD Learning Journey today!

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GIODN Membership $90.00 per Year. Select

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Features GIODN Membership
$90.00 per year*
Oportunities for continuous learning through webinars,workshops,and trainings X
Ability to participate in OD Book Club X
Access to all GIODN Blog Artilces X
Access to GIODN monthly newsletters X
A Forum for networking with other Professionals and leaders in OD X
Access to free OD tools in the GIODN Toolkit X
A listing in the only membership directory of OD practitioners X
Premium placement of your listing in the Global Membership Directory X
Additional discounts to GIODN-sponsored events and development opportunities X
Free Access to ALL tools in GIODN Toolkit X